On the July 1st party building day, Huaxi Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. had such a day!

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Jul 05,2022

  The journey of a hundred years is magnificent, and the original intention is not forgotten. It has been strong for a long time.
  In order to warmly celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress, inherit and carry forward the party's fine traditions, inherit the red gene, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and condense the core combat effectiveness of the team, on July 1, the Party branch of Jiangsu Huaxi Village Offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd. carried out party day activities and collective learning with the theme of "new ideas lead the new era, new missions start a new journey".

  In the morning, Yao Jianqing, the general manager of the company, led the party members' representatives to study the regulations of the Communist Party of China on the work of grassroots organizations in state owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), and interpreted the relevant contents in detail. The regulations are the basic guidelines for strengthening the party building in state-owned enterprises in the new era. Their formulation and implementation are of great significance for adhering to and strengthening the party's overall leadership over state-owned enterprises, improving the quality of Party building in state-owned enterprises, improving the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, adhering to and promoting the deep integration of Party building and enterprise production and operation, and improving the competitiveness, innovation and risk resistance of enterprises. At the training meeting, Gao Ming, chairman of the company, also put forward further requirements for standardizing the construction of the party organization, the construction of the party's team, political construction and corporate governance.


  Century old elegance, red pursuit. After the party class, the party members' representatives watched the red film "reconnaissance of crossing the Yangtze River" and "fight across the Yangtze River to liberate all China". The deeds of the hero company who crossed the Yangtze River in advance aroused the red memory of Party members and comrades, let the revolutionary feelings go out of history, and presented the vivid image of the revolutionary pioneer in front of everyone.

  In the afternoon, the Labor Party branch of the West China Sea organized representatives of Party members to walk into the memorial hall of the Jiangyin river crossing campaign and feel the great power of popular support. As one of the red landmarks of Jiangyin, the Jiangyin river crossing campaign memorial hall displays 235 revolutionary cultural relics and 309 precious pictures, vividly showing the great achievements of military and civilian unity and decisive victory in the river crossing campaign, and reproducing the glorious history of a large-scale decisive battle in the history of the war of liberation. By reviewing that magnificent revolutionary process, Party members and comrades personally felt the faith and strength of heroic examples, the deep love of the unity of the army and the people, and the great appeal and combat effectiveness of the party, which further stimulated the sense of responsibility and mission of Party members. They reiterated the oath of joining the party in the hall of the memorial hall, fulfilled their original intentions, and undertook the mission.


  The Communist Party of China, your 1921, my 2022. In the year of 101, Yan and Huang competed for the lead, worked hard and made progress, and China moved forward. New ideas lead a new era, new missions start a new journey, and the Labor Party branch of the West China Sea will not forget its original intention, assume its mission, be loyal to the party, and forge ahead!