Focus on development and strive for first-class innovation! Warm congratulations on the smooth commencement of the "West China wind energy 01" construction project of West China Offshore Engineering Group Co., Ltd

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Jul 05,2022

  On June 30, 2022, when the birthday of the party was approaching, the construction project of West China offshore 1600t jack up offshore wind power installation platform ship (hereinafter referred to as "West China wind energy 01") was successfully launched at the production base of Jiangsu Dajin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.


  At the commencement ceremony, Jin Feng, executive director of Dajin heavy industry, Chen Hanjin, director of Zhenjiang Office of China Classification Society, Ma Juyong, chairman of Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd., Kang Weixia, director of the 708 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation, and Yao Jianqing, general manager of Jiangsu Huaxi Village offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd. delivered speeches successively, expressing warm congratulations and ardent expectations to the commencement of the "West China wind energy 01" project. All participating parties will focus on development, improve construction standards, speed up project progress, strictly abide by safety production, enhance cost efficiency, improve project supervision, implement responsibility, and work together to forge ahead.


  After the ceremony, a project progress report and exchange meeting was held. "West China wind energy 01" adopts streamlined bow and square stern design, all steel welded structure, and is equipped with four truss pile legs and rack and pinion lifting system. The pile legs are 125.85 meters high, the maximum operating water depth is 70 meters. It enters CCS classification society. The length between the waterlines of the platform is 136 meters, the width of the platform is 50 meters, the depth of the platform is 10 meters, the variable load is 6500t, the self-supporting capacity is 30 days, the endurance is 3000 nautical miles, and the fixed number of personnel is 110. A 1600 ton pile around main crane is set on the starboard side of the tail of the platform, The platform is fully electric driven and has DP-2 dynamic positioning capability. On the basis of summarizing the development trend of offshore wind power in the past, the platform ship will fully consider the factors such as lifting capacity, performance and efficiency, sea conditions in the sea area, hydrogeology and so on, and will meet the high standard operation requirements of domestic and foreign, single machine large capacity, far-reaching offshore construction and so on.

  The "West China wind energy 01" construction project was launched on January 30, 2022. Through the collaborative promotion of all participants, the overall professional drawings have been basically withdrawn, the structural model review has been completed, and the CCS ship inspection commencement review has been completed. 6121 tons of hull arrived before July 25; All 1518 tons of steel materials of the main and auxiliary cranes have arrived, and the main supporting equipment has been ordered; The order of supporting parts of the lifting system is completed, and 1800 tons of pile legs are delivered before July 5. The arrival can meet the continuous production demand, and the comprehensive conditions meet the commencement requirements. In the follow-up, according to the requirements of the node, we will further strengthen the control of the sectional construction process, refine the general group and carrying organization planning, realize the technical closure as soon as possible, keep track of the construction progress of other plates, and ensure the matching of resources to expand the working face. Ensure that the platform loading will be started in mid October 2022, the platform undocking will be completed in April 2023, and the platform delivery will be completed in August 2023 as planned. Let's look forward to "West China wind energy 01" welcoming the new era with a new attitude and starting a new journey with new achievements!


  Yaojianqing, general manager of West China Marine Engineering Group Co., Ltd., gongjianjun, deputy general manager, Chu Hongliang, manager of Marine Engineering Department, Zhu Hongjun, project executive manager, Kang Weixia, director of the 708 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, Ma Juyong, chairman of Wuhan Marine Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Miao Zhuang, project executive manager, Chen Wei, deputy director of Marine Engineering Department, Dong Cheng, Xiong Xuezhu, deputy project managers, Shen Tao, director of Marine Engineering Department of China Shipbuilding Industry Trade Co., Ltd Gao Zhuo, manager of Ocean Engineering Department, chenhanjin, director of Zhenjiang Office of China Classification Society, Zhang Wei, project manager, Zhan Jinfeng, general manager of Tianhai defense and executive director of Tianjin heavy industry, Wang Youjun, general manager of Tianjin heavy industry, Zhang Xiaojun, deputy general manager, Yang jiongfeng, Zhu bin and other leaders attended the commencement ceremony.