Deeply cultivating the South China Sea: "Huaxi 5000 Ship" Mingyang Yangjiang Shapa 300MW Offshore Wind Power Project's first successful success

On April 18, 2020, the commander-in-chief gave an instruction: "Hydraulic hammer control room, stop hammer". The first single pile sinking of the Mingyang Yangjiang offshore wind power project reached the elevation, and the final verticality of the sinking was controlled at 0.27‰, which met the design requirements. It was highly praised and highly praised by the owner unit Mingyang Intelligent and the general contractor Poly Changda Engineering Co., Ltd. Recognized. The Yangjiang sea area has sufficient wind resources, but the marine hydrological conditions are poor, the construction window is short, the preliminary preparation tasks are cumbersome, and the time is tight. The "Huaxi 5000" wind power project team and the Poly Changda wind power project team are closely connected to communicate effectively and optimize the construction plan , To do a good job in all work and safety production, laying a solid foundation for Mingyang Yangjiang’s first success, and at the same time demonstrating the strong combat effectiveness of our "Huaxi 5000 Fleet" in the field of wind power foundation piles. Mingyang Yangjiang Shapa 300MW offshore wind farm scientific research demonstration project site is located in the sea area near Shapa Town, Yangxi County, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. It is contracted by Poly Changda Engineering Co., Ltd. The number of single pile foundations is 43, and the pile diameter is 7.5. —8.8m, the elevation of the pile top is +18.00m, the pile length is 96.68-104.7m, and the pile weight is 1429.38-1670t. The project will play an important role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in Guangdong Province and optimizing the energy structure. The local Yangjiang government also attaches great importance to it. The start of the Mingyang Yangjiang Wind Power Project marks another milestone in China's offshore wind power by Huaxi Offshore. The technology of lifting foundation piles with single hooks is more mature and the construction efficiency is higher. This has laid the foundation for Huaxi Offshore to continue to cultivate the South China Sea. , Even in the entire offshore wind power construction in China is of great significance.



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