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1000t skid boom crane ship

Main uses: lifting, installation

Basic elements

. Ship name: CMT1
. Main scale: (L) 90m x (B) 30m x (D) 7m
. Homework draft: 5m
. Bed: 18P
. Self support: 15 days
. Navigation area: nearshore
. Classification: CCS
. Main use: lifting and installation


Main Marine Equipment

. Rated power/quantity: 930kW * 2 electrical system: 400V/50Hz auxiliary generator
. Rated power/quantity: 300kW * 1 electrical system: 400V/50Hz mooring generator
. Rated power/quantity: 120kW * 1 electrical system: 400V/50Hz thruster
. Host power/quantity: 1103kW * 2 units

Deck lifting equipment

. Main hook lifting weight/span/lifting height: 1000t/(23-30) m/70m
. Auxiliary hook lifting weight/span/lifting height: 300t/(26.4-75.2) m/80m
. Lifting weight/height of rigging hook: 15t/72.3m
. Auxiliary crane: 15t/26m


Anchoring equipment

Main anchor machine
. Rated tension: 450KN
. Anchor chain diameter: Φ 68mm length: 302.5m
Work winch
. Rated tension/quantity/length: 300KN * 8/800m
. Arm folding device: auxiliary pipe frame slides to the rear

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