November 16, 2023

The latest generation of self elevating offshore wind power installation platform in China, the "Huaxi 1600" 1600 ton self elevating offshore wind power installation platform, invested and constructed by Huaxi Offshore Engineering, has been successfully delivered in Qingdao.


June 19, 2023

The Jishui ceremony of the 1600T self elevating offshore wind power installation platform ship of West China Offshore Engineering Corporation was successfully held.


April 2023

Huaxi 5000 has successfully completed the construction of the longest single pile (diameter 7.5-10.5m, length 120m, single weight 2350T) in the domestic wind power project under construction.


June 30, 2022

The construction of the 1600T self elevating offshore wind power installation platform ship of Huaxi Offshore Engineering has officially begun.


April 2022

The "Huatuo" ship (formerly known as "Princess Mengna") has completed its renovation and embarked on a new journey as a major cargo transport ship under the West China Sea Engineering Group.


September 2021

The Huaxi 900 ship participated in the laying of submarine pipelines for the first time.


August 2021

The Huaxi 5000 ship set two records: the completion of a single set of 4-pile jacket foundation construction in 23 hours and the completion of 20 sets of foundation pile sinking construction in a single month.


May 2021

For the first time, Huaxi Offshore Engineering undertook the Guangdong Huadian Yangjiang Qingzhou 3 500000 kilowatt offshore wind power project as the general contractor for construction.


October 23, 2020

Huaxi Offshore Engineering and FiberHome Communications signed a joint venture agreement to establish a joint venture company.


September 2020

Huaxi 5000 has completed the construction of the 100th wind power single pile in the South China Sea.


July 2019

Huaxi Offshore Engineering has successfully completed the world's longest single pile sinking operation for the Yangxi Shaba 300 MW offshore wind power project, with a pile length of 108.53 meters and a weight of 1720 tons.


November 2018

Huaxi 5000 completed the company's first offshore wind power single pile foundation construction in the Leting Puti Island offshore wind farm project in Tangshan, marking the company's official entry into the offshore wind power industry.


June 2018

Huaxi Marine Engineering has won the bid for the China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association deep-sea polymetallic nodule mining test ship service project.


May 2017

Huaxi Group and Hengtong Group have officially signed a contract to jointly establish Jiangsu Hengtong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone.


June 16, 2016

"Huahai Barge No. 1" was launched smoothly


June 16, 2016

Central, provincial and municipal leaders and mainstream media came to West China for investigation


April 10, 2015

A 250-foot multi-functional offshore barge of our company was launched successfully


March 31, 2015

A 150T full-slewing crane vessel of our company was launched successfully


February 20, 2015

Huaxi Offshore's 1,000-ton crane vessel was successfully delivered


September 25, 2014

Huaxi Offshore successfully signed an MOU with Sabah, Malaysia.


September 24, 2014

On September 24, 2014, Saipem visited and inspected Huaxi 5000.


August 28, 2014

Huaxi 5000 successfully completed eight deepwater installation tasks in the East China Sea.


August 28, 2014

The external audit of Huaxi 900 "Three Standards System" was successfully completed.


July 30, 2014

Huaxi 1000 was launched smoothly.


June 17, 2014

Hou Yuanxiu, President of Sabah Government Bank, visited Huaxi Offshore.


June 13, 2014

For the first time, Huaxi 5000 entered deep water operations in the East China Sea.


January 18, 2014

2013 Huaxi Offshore Work Summary and Commendation Conference.


July 30, 2013

NPCC inspected Huaxi Offshore.


May 15, 2013

Yang Yun, Executive Vice President of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., and his entourage visited our company for inspection and guidance.


April 28, 2013

The company moved to a new office in Zhangjiagang


April 24, 2013

Our company's safety management system has obtained the "Certificate of Compliance" (DOC) and "Safety Management Certificate" (SMS) issued by the Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of China.


March 29, 2013

The Huaxi 900 trial was successfully lifted.


March 13, 2013

CNOOC Zhou Shouwei and Jin Xiaojian attended the "West China Offshore Development Forum".


February 2, 2013

Wu Xieen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huaxi Village and Chairman of Huaxi Group, visited Huaxi Offshore Engineering in 2012.


January 28 to January 30, 2013

The 13th Supreme Head of State of Malaysia visited Huaxi Village.


January 19, 2013

Huaxi Offshore was awarded the "2012 Contractor HSE Management Advanced Unit of Offshore Oil Eng


October 18, 2012

The company's first anchor-handling supply tug "Huaxi 701" was launched smoothly.


July 15, 2012

"Huaxi 5000" won the first battle.


May 9, 2012

The "Huaxi 5000" trial hoisting 4950 tons was a complete success. Ready to officially put into operation.


January 12, 2012

The company held the "2011 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference".


December 2011

The main boom of "Huaxi 5000" was successfully pulled up and achieved a phased victory.


October 2011

The leaders of CNOOC Engineering Corporation inspected the progress of "Huaxi 5000" and discussed strategic cooperation intentions.


October 2010

The central and provincial and municipal leaders participated in the launching ceremony of the Huaxi Offshore Engineering Project.


August 2010

"Huaxi 5000" held a groundbreaking ceremony


April 2010

The company was formally established.


February 2010

"Huaxi 5000" has entered the preparatory stage.