Who are we?

Jiangsu Huaxicun Offshore Engineering Services Co., Ltd., commonly known as "HXOES," was founded in 2010. It holds second-tier qualifications for offshore petroleum and specializes in special engineering contracts.

The company is situated in Huaxicun, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Huaxi Industrial Group, a locally-held state-owned enterprise based in Jiangyin. Its expertise lies in a range of services, including subcontracting and general contracting for projects such as offshore petroleum engineering, offshore wind power engineering, subsea cable installations, and port & dock construction. With extensive construction experience and impeccable technical skills, HXOES is highly regarded within the industry.

It has consistently set the benchmark for engineering quality in the offshore oil and gas sector, earning recognition as an outstanding service provider for multiple consecutive years.

HXOES owns and operates a large fleet of various vessels, including 5000t full-revolving derrick barge, 1050t derrick laying barge, 1000t sheer leg derrick barge, large Structure transport vessels, tugboats,barges,1600t offshore wind turbine Installation tessel,  MENCK-3500S hydraulic hammer, trencher, vibrating hammer, pile stabilization platform and other professional equipment.

HXOES has an internationalized and professionalized engineering and project management team to complete the EPC contracting of kinds of offshore construction projects.