The foundation project of Yangjiang's first wind power jacket rock-socketed station was a complete success

On August 10, 2019, the construction of the foundation piles for the first station of the Yudean Yangjiang Shapa Offshore Wind Power Project, which was jointly contracted by Huaxi Offshore Engineering and Guangdong Thermal Power, was successfully completed. The project consists of 6 wind turbine stations and 1 sea riser. The station foundation construction is composed of four-pile jacket form for the fan foundation. Since the construction of the first machine position of the project, there have been various conditions such as pile sinking and hammer rejection, strong wind surge, typhoon disturbance, etc., and the huge undulating geological environment has appeared in the narrow construction area. Repeated expert meetings and repeated PDA monitoring have been verified. The performance test confirmed the feasibility of our company's timely adjustment of the construction process. Through the implementation of advanced drilling, the original design of the direct piling process was changed in time, and the drilling process was used to adjust the construction. According to the drilling rig selection, the originally designed direct pile driving directional positioning platform was reinforced and transformed, and all the work from drilling rig selection, platform transformation design and force calculation, external unit review, expert review to on-site implementation was completed in one month. In order to reduce the time for cutting lifting ears at sea, the engineering pile adopts inner lifting ears, and the inner lifting ears must be cut off for drilling construction. However, the inner lifting ears have been 3 meters into the mud surface when the pile is sinking and the hammer is rejected. The project department also uses diamond wire chainsaws. It is applied to the internal cutting of underwater piles, and the final cutting accuracy meets the accuracy requirements of drilling construction. Since the two diagonal piles in this machine position had plunged into the mud 38 meters and 44 meters respectively when the hammer was rejected, the pile tops were already underwater, and the drilling construction could not be carried out. The project department innovatively used the form of an external protective tube to seal and stop the water to achieve the drilling construction. Finally, through practice, the process was successful. The drilling of the first machine position began on June 26, 2019. Through the careful organization and unremitting efforts of the project department, it was completed on August 7, 2019 under the premise of two typhoons. Under such harsh sea conditions and the complex geological environment caused major process changes, Huaxi Offshore completed the four foundations of the first machine position on August 10, 2019 through continuous technological innovation and careful construction organization. In the pile sinking construction, the control indexes of the foundation pile meet the design requirements. The successful implementation of the foundation piles of this machine position is the embodiment of Huaxi Offshore Engineering's construction organization ability and technical level in the offshore waters with complex geological environment. It points out the direction for the process selection and design optimization of the subsequent machine position, and provides the follow-up construction of the project. Valuable experience. It fully embodies the spirit of Huaxihai's workers to defy hardships and obstacles, and to advance bravely, and once again strengthen Huaxihai's confidence in taking root in the offshore wind power market.



The world's longest single pile successfully entered the sea

On July 23, the Yangxi Shapa 300MW offshore wind power project constructed by Huaxi Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully completed the world’s longest single-pile sinking operation. This is another major breakthrough of Huaxi Offshore Engineering in the field of wind power market construction. The 12th pile built this time is 108.53 meters long and weighs 1,720 tons, making it the longest single wind power pile in the world. The 33 monopile foundation construction tasks of the Three Gorges Yangxi Shapa 300MW offshore wind farm project undertaken by Huaxi Offshore include the world's longest, heaviest and largest diameter monopile, which is a veritable heavyweight offshore wind power project. The project department adopted excellent construction organization design and made full preparations for the construction of each pile. The project department first stabilized the piles with the aid of the pile stabilization platform. During the pounding process, they stopped hitting every 50 cm, measured the verticality, and adjusted it in time. The verticality of the 12th pile was controlled at 1.12‰, and the construction task was completed with high quality and high precision. The construction of the No. 12 single pile foundation was successfully completed, which was recognized and trusted by the owners of the Three Gorges Project and the general contractor of the Three Airlines, laying a strong foundation for subsequent project operations. After the completion of the project, the net on-grid power will be about 83 billion watt-hours per year, which can save about 260,000 tons of coal consumption, which is of great significance for solving the problem of insufficient coal resources in Guangdong Province, alleviating the pressure on environmental protection, and promoting green economic development.



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