Transcend yesterday, strive for today and look forward to tomorrow

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May 27,2022

    ----Congratulations to Huaxi 5000 China Resources Cangnan project
  Only when we unite as one can we overcome difficulties.
  Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is complex and changeable, and many enterprises are facing the dilemma of stopping production and business. In the face of the raging epidemic, the Iron Army team of "Huaxi 5000" under West China Offshore Engineering Group actively implemented the main responsibility, strengthened the organization and leadership of epidemic prevention and control, implemented the regional epidemic disinfection and sterilization, strictly controlled the movement of employees and daily health testing, and ensured the safe production during the construction of Cangnan project.

  The construction of China Resources Cangnan project is difficult, for example, the rainy and foggy weather affects the measurement line of sight, the limited lifting height affects the difficulty of dragging mud and feeding piles, and many employees, materials and equipment cannot arrive at the project site on time due to the impact of the epidemic. In the face of many difficulties, Huaxi 5000 team braved the scorching sun, braved the wind and rain, worked day and night, united as one, forged ahead, overcame many difficulties, and struggled to be in the first line of production.
  With the concerted efforts of all the project team members, Huaxi 5000 has once again set a new record and achieved the outstanding achievement of 21 sets of piles per month in Cangnan project. The new record is exciting. It is also inseparable from the strong support and coordination of the owner and the general contractor, the decision-making guidance of the company's leaders, the full support of the responsible departments and the timely guarantee of the logistics department.
  Going beyond yesterday, striving for today and looking forward to tomorrow, huaxihai workers will, as always, unify their thinking, pay close attention to production quality and safety, persevere, go all out and create new achievements!