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With the continuous development of offshore oil industry, offshore oil platforms, jackets, etc. are all developing towards large-scale development. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the offshore lifting construction of such super-large and super-heavy steel structures. It has ensured that the type of sea is changed, and the company's advantage in the lifting of heavy pieces has been improved. In compliance with the requirements of market development, Huaxi Offshore independently invested in the construction of a 5,000-ton full-slewing crane engineering ship.

With the continuous growth of my country's maritime transportation industry, there are more and more important marine transportation businesses nowadays, and the size and weight are getting larger and larger, and the requirements for the load and transportation of barges are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the requirements of the market, Huaxi Offshore is equipped with a self-propelled load transfer barge of 20,000 tons, which specializes in the transportation of super-high, super-large and super-heavy items.

The artery of offshore wind farms is the construction of offshore wind cables. At present, domestic mainstream wind farms are divided into 220KV main cable laying and 35V interval cable laying. Domestic mainstream submarine cable suppliers include Hengtong High Voltage, Zhongtian Technology, Dongfang Cable and Submarine Cable Co., Ltd., etc. Our company provides professional integrated solutions for offshore wind power submarine cable laying, and realizes offshore wind cable EPCI general contracting project. Our company has a number of top domestic shallow draft cable laying vessels and domestic leading shallow water rear trenching equipment, which can perfectly solve various problems in offshore wind cable laying.

According to the two main hoisting methods of domestic offshore wind power installations, the company has formed a way to meet the challenges of the wind power market with split installation as the main and integral installation as a supplement. In the first phase, the company invested two jack-up platform ships as the main body of construction for the split installation, and the overall installation adopts Huaxi 5000 as the main body of construction. The split installation sequence is from bottom to top to install the bottom section, middle section, and upper section of the tower, hoist the nacelle hub complex, and then install the single blade. The normal construction efficiency is 3 days/unit.

Combining the accumulation in the field of marine engineering, our company mainly operates the 5000-ton azimuth crane Huaxi 5000 and the 1200-ton skid-type crane Princess Mona. Equipped with a jacket in the form of a foundation for the construction of large-diameter single piles without transitional sections. The jacket sits on the seabed and is equipped with a double-layer large hydraulic pile holding device for centralizing and holding large-diameter single piles during the process of sinking. Equipped with a gravity-type roll system that can display the verticality of a single pile in real time and automatically correct the deviation, and can ensure that the verticality of the single pile is within three thousandths. Our pile sinking diameter ranges from 4m to 8.8m, which can meet the construction of large-diameter single piles in existing wind farms.

The company has set up a large-diameter offshore rock-socketed equipment research and development team, developed a vertical composite roadheader, and designed and manufactured a jack-up rock-socketed platform for offshore rock-socketing construction with drilling rigs. The vertical composite roadheader can meet the requirements for rock-socketed construction of single piles with a depth of 80 meters below the mud surface and a diameter of less than 10 meters. The maximum rock breaking strength can reach 220MP, and the drilling speed can reach 600mm/h. The jack-up rock-socketed platform can meet the requirements of offshore single-pile rock-socketed construction within 30 meters of water depth, increase the anti-wind and wave ability of offshore rock-socketed construction, and improve construction efficiency and safety.

At present, there are two mainstream methods for jacket construction. One is to install the jacket first after sinking the pile; and the other is to install the jacket first and then the pile. For the construction method of piling and installation of jackets, we cooperated with Zhenhua to develop a multi-pile pile holder. We used the relatively idle time of the ship to complete the construction of multiple jackets. Regarding the foundation construction method of the sea-lift station where the jacket is placed first and then the pile is driven, we have accumulated rich construction experience in jacket leveling and grouting construction technology. The control of key parameters such as the horizontality of the jacket and the verticality of the foundation piles has reached the domestic leading level.

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