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Huaxi 5000 successfully completed the lifting operation of the upper module of the booster station in the Lemen and Zhangpu projects

Warmly congratulate "Huaxi 5000" on successfully completing the lifting operation of the upper module of the Huaneng Lemen Erhai Booster Station and the Zhangpu Liu'ao Offshore Wind Power Phase II Booster Station last week.
31 2023/08

Only Realistic Encouragement, New Courage, Struggle, and Sail: A New Chapter in the Book of Sailing - West China Offshore Engineering Holding the 2023 Half Year Summary Meeting

Recently, Huaxi Offshore held a semi annual work summary meeting for 2023. The meeting comprehensively summarized and reviewed the work in the first half of the year, systematically analyzed the current situation, and made key deployments for the work in the second half of the year, providing strong guidance for promoting the effectiveness of various work throughout the year. Chairman Gao Ming presided over the meeting, with the participation of the company's leadership and department heads.
10 2023/08

Collaborate bravely to tackle difficulties, work hard to catch up with the progress - Huaxi 1600 successfully held a mobilization conference for the ship acceptance oath at Haixi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd

On the morning of June 27th, the "Huaxi 1600" successfully held the "Teamwork, Brave Attack, Real Efforts, and Progress" Takeover Pledge Mobilization Conference at the production site of Haixi Heavy Machinery.
05 2023/06

Good News | Jishui Ceremony of West China 1600 Wind Power Installation Platform Successfully Held at Shanghai Shipyard

On the morning of June 19th, the Jishui Ceremony of Huaxi Offshore 1600T Self elevating Wind Power Installation Platform (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxi 1600") was successfully held at Shanghai Shipyard.
25 2023/06

The construction of single Pile foundation and booster station of Huaneng Cangnan No.2 offshore wind power project of Huaxi Offshore Engineering Group was successfully completed

On June 7, 2023, the "Huaxi 5000" ship group again reported good news, and the construction of single Pile foundation and booster station of Huaneng Cangnan No.2 offshore wind power project contracted by Huaxi Offshore Engineering was successfully completed!
07 2023/06

Huaxi Marine Engineering officially launched the 2023 "Safety Production Month" activity

June this year is the 22nd national "Safety Production Month", the theme is "Everyone is safe, everyone will be emergency". On May 31, the West China Marine Industry Organization held a "Safety production Month" theme activity mobilization meeting, and officially launched a series of "safety production Month" activities to effectively promote the awareness of safety red line and promote the implementation of safety production responsibility.
08 2023/06
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