Who are we?

Jiangsu Huaxi Village Offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd. is controlled by China Huaxi Group. It specializes in offshore oil engineering contracting services, mainly carrying out transportation and hoisting of large structures, pipe laying, cable laying and subsea trenching, AHTS related construction, and platform operation support And other marine engineering related businesses.

The main ship equipment is 5000-ton full-slewing crane ship, hoisting pipe-laying ship, large cable-laying ship, self-propelled load-handling transport ship and other types of marine engineering ships.

The company has the ability to undertake T&I at a depth of 300 meters and to undertake and manage large-scale offshore projects at a depth of 3,000 meters.

The company is the main T&I subcontractor of CNOOC, COOEC, and SINOPEC in China. It has completed many large-scale offshore installation projects along the coast of China and has won widespread praise from customers.

The company has a complete corporate management system, engineering management system, and ship management system, adhering to the development concept of "going to the ocean and serving the world", insisting on the path of professionalization, internationalization, and specialization, and actively exploring markets in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. , Carry out extensive cooperation with professional companies worldwide to achieve a win-win situation.​